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  • August 9, 2018
  • My girlfriend just graduated from college, and she is telling me that she wants to move in with me in my apartment. While I do love her dearly, I am not sure that moving in with me is such a good thing. I do not know how I to tell her not to move in with me. I already know her reaction, and I do not want to fight with her.

    I just made peace with her, and I do not want to deal with her being angry at me again. To be honest, I do not like if she will be in the apartment because she will have a problem when I have lady friends in the house. I often invite some of my friends in the apartment when I am not busy. Many of them are guys, but there are also women.

    I am lying if I do not flirt with my lady friends when they are at the house, I have fun doing in because some of them are gorgeous, but I know that I do not have any chance with them and I am okay with that I still want to be friends with them. I tried to make several excuses for my girlfriend to change her mind, but she would not believe me. I had no choice but to let her in the house. She completely changed my life when she moved in with me.

    I can’t have friends anymore in the house because she does not like it, all she does in the apartment is to eat and sleep. She also always nags me to take her to a restaurant every single night, which at first is okay for me but it is not very financially wise to spend all my money to make her happy. My girlfriend thinks that I have a very high salary and I could afford whatever she needed which is hugely wrong. What she does not realize is I do not have a lot of money to sustain all her needs. I barely have enough for myself let alone give her everything she wants.

    She always tells me not to worry because when she does find a job, she will surely pay me back. She is very confident of herself that she has no problem spending all my money and using my credit card whenever she goes out with her friends. I was very frustrated with her; I do not know how much I can hold on much longer. I booked a London escort to relieve some of the stress that I am feeling. Even though I have a girlfriend, I booked a Cheap London escort because I feel much happier in their company. Hopefully, my girlfriend does not find out about me booking London escorts all the time.

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